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Westchester Womens Medical Healthcare provides expectant parents and their family members with state-of-the-art ultrasound imaging in a relaxing and convenient setting. Astounding 4-Dimensional ultrasound images of your baby’s first movements for the family archives are something to be treasured for generations.

We use the GE Voluson E6 with HD Live for the 3D ultrasound images. GE leads the medical field with the latest  and greatest technology available in 3D/4D imaging today. The difference between 3D and 4D imaging is that now you can see clear, moving images of your unborn baby instantly! This live-action technology brings the fourth dimension, time, to 3-D ultrasound! This introduces a whole new level of information of what your baby looks like, and even its personality before he or she enters the world. This represents an incredible leap forward in ultrasound technology and a great opportunity to view your unborn child.

For optimum viewing of the baby, we recommend scheduling an appointment for when the expectant mother has progressed at least 24- 32 weeks into her pregnancy for a 4-Dimensional Ultrasound and 16 to 18 weeks for a 2-Dimensional ultrasound or Gender Check ultrasound.

Ultrasound Packages

“Pink or Blue” Package – $99

From 16 To 18 Weeks, we will determine gender.
10-15 Minute 2D/3D Scan
Gender determination
Listen To Your Baby’s Heartbeat
Color and B&W Printed Images

3D/4D Ultrasound Experience – $189

From 24 to 32 weeks
20-30 Minute 3D/4D with HD Live Scan
Listen to your Baby’s Heartbeat
CD of B&W and color images
4 x 6 color pictures of your baby printed on high-quality, gloss photo paper.
B&W printed Images

Optional Add-Ons

Mobile App
Heartbeat Bear

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